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Based in Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm, I have Scored more than 250 hours of TV/Film/Theatre/Modern Dance in the past 15 years both internationaly and domestic.

Multi instrumentalist with a solid classical training.

​My inspirations vary, but among a long list of composers and talented creators of music, i am inspired by such greats as Debussy, Sibelius, Arvo Pärt,  Jonny Greenwood, Bernard Hermann, Cliff Martinez, Alberto Iglesias , Gustavo Santaolalla, Daniel Lanios, Trent Reznor, Enio Morricone and anything that inspires to create

​Please see IMDB for further info.

Awards & Nominations:

2021: "Rocqaia" Nominated for "Best Indpendent Cinema Award"

2020: "Made In Bangladesh" Winner of Prix du Jury

2019: "Made in Bangladesh"  Winner of Torino Film


2019: Oscar Longlist for "We Could Be Heroes 

2018: Best International Documentary at HotDocs "We Could Be Heroes" 

​2014: Best Soundtrack Costa Rica Film Festival

Multiple National and International nominations as Composer, Songwriter and Live Performer. (for further info see FILM page)

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